Fresh Snow and Pine Resin Essentials

As the adage goes, fashion over comfort… fashion and comfort - don’t compromise this holiday season! It’s peak ski season and if the winter sport is not your cup of cocoa, a cabin in the mountains is the perfect weekend escape.  Costa Rica, Miami, Tulum remain popular destinations for travelers seeking warmer weather, but these locations remain overcrowded and overpriced this time of the year. Frigid winds, below zero temperatures and bulky layers can turn any vacation into a worst nightmare, however, the right preparation will leave you wishing for more snow. 

“You need to wear another layer and put on your wool socks, Neel”

“No. Absolutely not, Mom” 

Bulky layers are unappealing and only leave you gasping for more air. Here’s my guide on how to pack for a real winter:

1.     Layer Smartly

Opt for longer underwear and an undershirt as opposed to a shirt and an additional sweater – trust me. You’ll stay warmer because undergarments are made of cotton, ideal for trapping heat and feeling comfortable against your skin. The thinner layers will also save you from looking like an overstuffed turkey under your coat.

2.     Dark Denims

The denim’s slim fit and rugged construction allow for versatility when it comes to outdoor activities. Darker bottoms can also be paired nicely with a button-up shirt or a cardigan to complete the look.

3.     Rugged Winter Boots

Three words: Timberland, Timberland, Timberland. They’re perfect for rugged terrain or the streets.

4.     The Essential Jacket

The piece de resistance! A perfect jacket / overcoat is not only a style essential, it is a functional need. Here is where you can’t compromise – the ideal jacket should keep you warm and looking like you just stepped off the runway. Choose a solid color that is easy to match with. I suggest tan or a classic black. Be sure the jacket is waterproof! Common sense, right? Believe it or not, this key feature is often the most neglected one.

5.     Accessorize

Accessories can make or break your outfit. Leave the large beanies and boring scarves at home. Instead try on a funky scarf, (bolder colors, the better) or how about some leather gloves? Long socks that pair well with your scarf are the final addition. Most people are inclined to wear thicker wool socks, but here’s a #WhereIsNeel tip – thinner thermal socks. Wool socks soak up water fast and take forever to dry. Accordingly, I wear two layers of thinner trekking socks. My feet stay warm and water free! 

“Winter is coming!” but with these essentials in your wardrobe, you might as well be John Snow. Where did you travel to this holiday season? Let me know in the comments below. Subscribe below to be the first to find out my favorite place on earth – winter edition. Coming soon!